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The Power of Nature

2020 sure has made a giant impact on humankind. From the way we live our "new normal" to the way we perceive the world, in all its forms, around us. When I feel exhausted, out of control, stressed or anxious I tend to go out in nature. The stagnancy of the inside air, baby messes, piled up dishes in the sink, noises bouncing of the walls is all fine... but to an extent. We all have a tipping point, that never feels good to cross over. So, I go outside.

Going out in nature gives me an acute sense of relief. Breathing in fresh air seems to reverse the hormonal pattern that takes flight in times of stress. There is always beauty and life to explore in nature.

We moved to Sacramento, California 3 years ago yesterday. I have always loved the outdoors, so the thought just over 3 years ago of moving to Northern California, when Anthony (my husband) was hired as the Executive Director of Sacramento Ballet, was compelling. I had lived all across the United States and the only time I had been to Northern California was a couple trips to San Francisco. One trip in particular was when I traveled via tour bus from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe while performing with Quixotic Fusion (an innovative performing arts collective that fuses imagination with technology, dance, projection mapping and live music performance to create fully-immersive performances). We traveled through Sacramento on I-50 and then North on I-80 up to the North side of the lake. During that 4 hour road trip, my eyes were fixated through the window to the outdoors. I couldn't believe the abundance of unique trees I noticed (many I had never seen before in real life). From succulents and cacti, to giant ponderosa and redwood trees, there were plants supported by variant landscapes that seemed to change by the minute. I remember on that drive saying to a friend,"I want to live here." Years later when the opportunity of moving here came up, I agreed with only slight hesitation (only because of my current job at the time and the support system we had in place). It didn't take long for a decisive, "YES!" We moved to Sacramento on Nov 30, 2017.

The longer I stay in nature the calmer I become. My parasympathetic nervous system seems to take over and my breaths become fuller, deeper and more genuine to the present moment. That must be why I like to be outside so much. The land is vast. There is so much to see. It calms me. It gives me proper perspective

Here are some additional photos to share. Please enjoy.

I would love to hear what helps reduce your stress and makes you feel calmer? Feel free to comment below.

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