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Specialized dancer cross-conditioning to bring & keep you at peak performance.

Owner, Jill Marlow Krutzkamp has specifically conditioned dancers for over 15,000+ hours.  Jill will work personally with you to come up with a goal-oriented plan that is efficient, productive and specific to you!

Areas of concentration may include:

  • Preventing injuries. 

  • Correcting anatomical alignment. 

  • Improving the core.

  • Increasing stamina & fast twitch responses. 

  • Increasing strength of specific joints. 

  • Building proprioceptive awareness.

  • Lengthening and stretching tight muscle groups.

  • Building intrinsic strength of joints. 

  • Keeping physical and mental health in check.

  • Decreasing pain.

  • Cross-training during off-season.

  • Pointe Evaluation and Assistance.

Movehealthier's dancer conditioning services include: (Virtual & in-person options)

  • One-on-one private sessions & memberships.

  • Tailored semi-private & small group classes & memberships.

  • Customized memberships (ex: combine group & private sessions.)

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